Sony Introduced World First CLED Technology

This year inCES in LV 55 inch OLED TVs from the two leading Korean company Samsung and LG amazed people more than anything in the show.

However the Japanese company Sony was an exception to this. According to Sony the focus has been shifted from OLED TVs a long ago and now the latest hotcake is CRYSTAL LED TVs or the OLED TVs. The first CELD screen, Sony has claimed, is capable of providing all the features and benefits of OLED screen including marvelous contrast, incredible colors and exactly acute sharpness. Moreover it will offer two additional features on the board.

First of the two is that in case of CLED screen there is no chance to encounter the image standard decay problem which is related to the faint color issue that often happens with OLED Screens. The CLED screen does not use organic material and that protects it from the problem mentioned.

Second one is that the CLED screens possess self-production system. A CLED TV comes with about 6 million RGB LED light resources placed right at the front side of the screen which will produce a clear and wider viewing experience. Every motion on this screen will look buttery smooth.

Although the quality is unquestionable there are some flaws too. The appearance is not as slim as OLED models. Moreover the CLED demonstration is not just enough to make us feel that the CLED technology will beat the OLED in long run.

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