Designing for Data Center Efficiency

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    Making your data center more energy efficient can help the environment and your bottom line. If you’re wondering where to start, here are some tips:   Keep an Eye on Your PUE PUE stands for power usage effectiveness. You can measure the PUE of your data center with the following equation: PUE = […]

Save Time And Money With A Building Plan Review

Gold is Better Than Stocks


If we listen to the so called financial wizards they would have us believe that gold or silver should be avoided at all costs. The precious metals bull market is done; the stock market is the way to go. According to Trib Live Business, the current stock bull market will not go unchecked in 2014. […]

What To Know Before Staking Your Gold Claim In 2014

Smart Gold Investing in 2014

Why Is Buying Gold a Smart Investment Choice

The Advantages of a Solar Energy Conversion

solar power

Recent advances in solar and photovoltaic technology have made utilizing solar energy as the main source of power for residential properties more popular than ever before.  Although solar panels were initially developed over fifty years ago, it has taken until the last few years for the necessary developments in technology to come about that have […]

Investing in Gold or Silver Coins and Other Forms of the Metals

What to Know before Investing in the Precious Metals Market

Precious Metals

Throughout history, precious metals have been an important part of society. They were used not only to display a person’s wealth, but their success as well. This is how metals such as gold became the earliest form of currency and even the basis for the paper currencies used around the world today. The very first […]

Make the Right Choices in the Precious Metals Market

Protecting Assets By Buying Gold and Silver

Is Gold Investing in 2013 the Right Route to Wealth


The first half of 2013 brought steady decreases in the price of gold. In April, a sudden price drop caused others to assume that this was the beginning of the gold bubble burst. Then July saw a steady comeback of the price for gold that seems to signal a recovery for this precious metal. This […]

A Bright Outlook for Investing in Platinum or Palladium